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Metal Detectable & X-Ray Visible Products by Detectamet

Metal Detectable & X-Ray Visible Products are predominantly used within food & pharmaceutical manufacturing environments, or any production environment requiring due diligence in the prevention of foreign body contamination.

Detectamet detectable products are a food safe, non-toxic & cost effective alternative to expensive metal products. They are manufactured from assorted metal detectable & x-ray visible polymer compounds. We can supply these products as metal detectable, x-ray visible, or both (dual detectable). If one of these products, or fragments of one of these products, contaminates a production line where detection systems are in place, the contaminant can be automatically detected and rejected from the production line.

Detectable Products include items at increased risk of accidental introduction to / contamination of the production line. These detectable products include Pens, Scoops, Scrapers, Cable Ties, Safety Knives, Workwear & PPE.

Laser Marking, Etching, Cutting & Engraving Service

Detectamet have a state of the art laser ready to cut, etch, mark or engrave a wide variety of materials. From single items to larger production runs, the diversity of applications is huge, from personalizing ipads with back engraving to the demands of fashion and design industries with cutting intricate shapes and engraving on leather goods.

We offer bespoke laser marking on tablet computers, laptops and other similar products. We have the capabilities to laser engrave or cut a multitude of items, from simple text to complete graphics.

Sequentially numbering and marking is available for virtually all Detectamet's Detectable Plastic, Stainless Steel & Anodised Aluminium products including pens, knives, scissors, tags, scoops, scrapers and cable ties. These detectable products can then be included in your traceability systems and help create an audit trail that can be used as part of HACCP.

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Who needs detectable products?

In many industries today there is an ever-present risk of product contamination from foreign objects. If they are not detected, they can cause damage to equipment, costs incurred by product recalls, damage to business reputation, and in the worst case, serious injury to someone. These industries include (human and animal) food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, textiles and many others.

Why Choose Detectamet?

Within many industries today, including food, pet food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, textile and many more, there is an ever present risk of product contamination from foreign objects.

Statistics show that food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries are most at risk from foreign body contamination issues.

How Detectable are our Products?

Detectamet products are made from various materials, those that offer the best capabilities for food applications that cannot always use a metal alternative.

All products in the Detectamet range are detectable either by metal detection and x-ray systems, or are visually detectable.

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