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Why do you need detectable products?

In Australia, the food, drink, and pharmaceutical industries are required to take stringent measures to minimize the risk of foreign matter contamination in their products. Physical contaminants not only cause damage to equipment and machinery but can also lead to injury to consumers, resulting in costly recalls that could damage the company's reputation. To reduce and protect against this risk, it is essential to use metal detectable and X-Ray visible products in all areas of your product preparation.

What do you get from Detectamet?

Detectamet's product range provides you with the best in detectability, made from a patented polymer that contains the highest level of detectable additive without compromising durability. Our detectable polymer is also produced from EU & FDA (Food and Drug Administration) food contact approved materials, ensuring maximum safety for consumers.

Working in partnership with the British Retail Consortium Global Standards (BRCGS) through their Partner Connection Programme, we offer the most extensive range of detectable products in Australia, with many available in various colour options for enhanced colour coding and traceability within a production environment.

If you need a detectable product that is not currently available on our website, please get in touch with us. We have the expertise and capacity to design and manufacture a product that meets your specific requirements.


We are a truly international company – with manufacturing and distribution centres in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia - working with numerous distributors worldwide. Please contact us for details of your local distributor


At Detectamet we take our business very seriously, which is why we are ISO accredited in 9001: Quality Management, 14001: Environmental Management and 45001: Occupational Health and Safety Management


Not content to stand still, our product development team are constantly innovating to bring new detectable products to help you avoid foreign body contamination


We pride ourselves on our development & manufacturing of high quality detectable products for our food and pharmaceutical customers. This capability has recently been enhanced by investment in our state-of-the-art injection moulding machines


In our line of work it's imperative that our products contribute to making food production safer. This is why we work in partnership with BRCGS through their Partner Connection Programme

Pad printing & laser engraving leads to enhanced traceability for your products. We can add both own-branding and sequential numbering on a great range of our detectable products

Companies that trust our Detectable Products:

Gardenia Bakeries
Goodman Fielder
HS Fresh Food
Map WA
One Harvest
Profile Foods

The Blue Book of Detectable Products - Detectamet Product Catalogue