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Food Safety Products for the Dairy Industry

Take a look at our metal & X-ray detectable products especially suited to the dairy industry.

Food safety products for the dairy industry need to be durable, easy to clean and capable of withstanding cool working temperatures. Processing environments in the dairy sector heavily feature stainless steel, either in pails, churns or large-scale vats. Choosing detectable products for your dairy facility is a great first step to minimising contamination risk.

Gel Ink Detectable Pens

Metal & X-Ray Detectable Gel Ink Pens

Our detectable gel ink pens are a popular choice with dairy industry professionals. Manufactured from food safe, metal & X-ray detectable polymer, they house a fully detectable gel ink cartridge and can write in temperatures down to -5 °C (23 °F), making them perfect for writing in chilled environments.


Stainless Steel Pails

Our stainless steel pails are a great way to transport ingredients & fluids throughout your processing facility. Manufactured from 304 stainless steel, our pails are certified NSF/ANSI standard 2 food equipment. Available with side handle for easy lifting & pouring of ingredients / fluids.

Detectable Cylinder Brusg

Metal & X-Ray Detectable Cylinder Brush

Our fully metal & X-ray detectable cylinder brush attaches to our 1.5 meter long, metal & X-ray detectable handle, giving you great reach to clean vats & tanks. Both the brush body and brush bristles are 100% detectable.

Detectable Expandaband

Metal & X-Ray Earplugs & Expandaband

Processing facilities in the dairy industry are often noisy, heavily mechanised environments. Choosing metal & X-ray detectable hearing protection is a great way to protect factory floor staff from the repetitive & potentially harmful sounds of a processing facility. Using an Expandaband can provide added security - the metal & X-ray detectable band rests comfortably around the user's neck when not in use.

Detectable Keyhole Tag

Metal Detectable Keyhole Loop Tags

Our metal detectable keyhole loop tags are a great way to enhance traceability of produce in your dairy facility. These tags are available in 11 colours, so colour coding of churns & pails is easy. Wall-mountable stainless steel keyhole tag dispenser also available to keep your keyhole tags organised & accessible.