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Alongside our mixing & handling equipment, we have a great range of affiliate products, including metal detectable colour coding bands, metal & X-ray detectable utility hooks and metal detectable tape.

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  1. Metal Detectable Colour Coding Bands (Pack of 5)
    From US$8.67
  2. Detectable Equipment Traceability Card
    From US$27.76
  3. Metal Detectable Carrying Support Handle
    From US$23.94
  4. Metal & X-Ray Detectable Tubes/Cores (Pack of 5)
    From US$32.09
  5. Metal Detectable Plastic Chisel (Pack of 10)
  6. Metal Detectable Pallet Bands
    From US$15.34
  7. Detectable Utility Hook
    From US$26.49
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