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Metal Detectable Dispensers

Our wide variety of metal & X-ray detectable dispensers are designed to store your workwear / PPE hygienically and accessibly. The majority of our detectable dispensers are available in both our metal & X-ray detectable polymer and stainless steel - both materials ideal for easy and convenient cleaning.

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  1. Detectable Hairnet & Mob Cap Dispenser
    From $49.22
  2. Stainless Steel Glove Dispenser
    From $55.94
  3. Detectable Glove Dispenser
    From $23.41
  4. Metal Detectable Earplug Dispenser
    From $44.58
  5. Metal Detectable Earplug Storage Boxes (Pack of 25)
    From $32.95
  6. Detectable Face Mask / Covering Dispenser
    From $45.10
  7. Detectable Wipe Dispenser and Spray Bottle Holder
    From $49.73
  8. Detectable Disinfectant & Probe Wipe Dispenser Holder
    From $27.55
  9. Detectable Hand Sanitiser Bottle Holder
    From $13.78
  10. Detectable Paper Towel Holder
    From $21.40
  11. Detectable Utility Clips (Pack of 10)
    From $150.83
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