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Why choose metal detectable pens?

Metal detectable & X-ray visible pens are designed to minimise the risk of contamination in food factories and processing environments, mitigating the likelihood of expensive and damaging product recalls. Multiple departments within processing facilities use detectable pens to label, categorise and audit produce/equipment.

Manufactured from a detectable, food-safe polymer, the housing body and refill are fully metal detectable & X-ray visible. To minimise cross contamination risk and enhance HACCP principles, our metal detectable pens are available in 9 colours for colour coding opportunities.  

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  1. Metal Detectable Plastic Ring Binder Clipboard
    From US$31.11
  2. Detectamet Elephant FME Floating Pens - Non Detectable (Pack of 50)
    From US$262.92
  3. Sequentially Numbered Detectable HD Retractable Pens – Standard Ink (Pack of 50)
    From US$193.67
  4. Sequentially Numbered Detectable Elephant One-Piece Pens – Standard Ink (Pack of 50)
    From US$135.77
  5. Detectable Permanent Fine Markers (Pack of 10) - with Metal Clip
    From US$33.09
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