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Markers & Highlighters

Our metal & X-ray detectable markers & highlighters are perfect for marking whiteboards, paperwork / labels and even food produce (food & meat markers).

Speak to us regarding pad printing / laser engraving opportunities for your detectable markers / highlighters!

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  1. Detectable Whiteboard Markers
    From US$17.65
  2. Detectable Permanent Markers
    From US$17.65
  3. Detectable Retractable Whiteboard Markers
    From US$29.64
  4. Detectable Permanent Fine Markers (Pack of 10) - with Metal Clip
    From US$30.08
  5. Detectable Economy Retractable Permanent Markers (Pack of 10)
    From US$19.74
  6. Detectable Retractable Permanent Markers
    From US$29.64
  7. Detectable Retractable Highlighters (Pack of 5)
    From US$19.58
  8. Detectable Economy Retractable Whiteboard Markers (Pack of 10)
    From US$39.47
  9. Detectable Retractable Permanent Fine Markers (Pack of 10)
    From US$44.41
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