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Workwear & PPE

Our metal detectable workwear & PPE is designed to protect your workforce & reduce contamination risk in your production facility.

Look out for our detectable dispensers to keep your workwear / PPE accessible & organised.

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  1. Metal Detectable Afro Hair Comb/Hair Pick (Pack of 10)
    From US$116.07
  2. Detectable & Stainless Steel Glove Dispensers
    From US$26.93
  3. Metal Detectable Mob Caps (Pack of 1000)
    From US$119.59
  4. Bouffant Mob Caps (Non Detectable)
  5. Metal Detectable Non-Woven Beard Covers/Snoods
    From US$39.16
  6. Non-Woven Beard Covers/Snoods (Non Detectable)
    From US$25.55
  7. Detectable Hairnet & Mob Cap Dispenser
    From US$56.62
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