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Metal Detectable Workwear

Protect your workforce from injury and reduce contamination risk in your food factory or processing facility with our Metal Detectable Workwear. We offer high-quality, durable and reliable wearable workwear for the safety of all your personnel with comfort and protection as our principal concerns.

You can choose from metal detectable wearables such as mob caps, face shields and visors, hairnets, aprons etc. Contact our team via phone call, email, or live chat to get more information.

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  1. Metal Detectable Afro Hair Comb/Hair Pick (Pack of 10)
    From US$116.07
  2. Metal Detectable Earplugs
    From US$82.34
  3. Metal Detectable Mob Caps (Pack of 1000)
    From US$119.59
  4. Bouffant Mob Caps (Non Detectable)
  5. Metal Detectable Non-Woven Beard Covers/Snoods
    From US$39.16
  6. Non-Woven Beard Covers/Snoods (Non Detectable)
    From US$25.55
  7. Detectable Mesh Beard Snoods (Pack of 25)
    From US$13.93
  8. Detectable Non-Woven Beard Snoods (Pack of 500)
    From US$12.11
  9. Detectable Disposable Balaclava Hoods (Pack of 100)
    From US$46.09
  10. Detectable Hairnets (Pack of 100)
    From US$25.07
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